Seniors Can Connect! Tablet Lending Program

Seniors Can Connect! Tablet Lending Program is a joint-initiative between HelpAge Canada and Connected Canadians which loans ICT devices, such as tablets, to Canadian seniors who otherwise would not have access to them, to allow these seniors to communicate with their loved ones and the outside world.

We work with Local Community Partners (LCPs) to deliver the program in a variety of contexts. Long Term Care Homes, For-Profit, Non-Profit, community resource centres or seniors agencies can all participate in this program.

Tablets are preconfigured and sent directly to a LCP who identify seniors in their community who could make use of the tablet and coordinate the use of the devices among the seniors they serve. We develop a customized service delivery personal technical support and digital literacy training to the seniors using the devices, relieving your staff of teaching people to use the devices. We ‘lend’ the tablets, because we take responsibility to make sure they are configured in a senior-friendly manner, digitally wipe and maintain them.

Although we fundraise and have grants available to support this program in your community, we welcome your participation in fundraising to support the many seniors and agencies for whom this kind of support is inaccessible.

The Seniors Can Connect! Tablet Lending Program will soon be available across Canada. If you are interested in participating in the program, we invite you to register with HelpAge Canada and to fill out the following questionnaire. This will help us determine fit for our initial launch with a limited number of local community partners. We will contact you when the program application process opens.


Help Us Get to Know You.

The series of questions will help determine if the Seniors Can Connect! program offering is the right fit for your community needs. The assessment process consists of both digital and operational needs to better understand the investment needed to start the project. Though possibilities with digital connection are limitless, the scope of this program is to identify the greatest barrier to human connection and provide 3-4 support sessions to address that.


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