Sponsor a Grandparent today! 

Older people are critical contributors to family, community, and society. They are both the largest growing and the most underserved population in the world.

Day-to-day existence is a struggle for many elderly persons in developing Countries. As political, social, and environmental pressure rises, forced migration, loss of income and armed conflict places these, our seniors, in vulnerable and life threatening positions.

HelpAge Canada wants everyone who reaches old age to lead a secure, healthy, dignified life. With our partners, we are active in Canada and around the world supporting seniors and their communities.

A monthly Contribution will help Seniors around the world live  dignified, secure, healthy, happy lives.


HelpAge Canada is Canada’s only organization dedicated exclusively to helping older persons in Canada and the developing world. We have 40 years of experience working for older persons and helping them overcome poverty, claim their rights, challenge discrimination and helping them lead dignified, secure, and healthy lives.  HelpAge Canada is a founding member of HelpAge International and is part of a global network of organizations operating in more than 80 countries that help thousands every day.

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