Too many older Canadians face economic and social barriers, with individuals aged 65 years and older having a median after-tax income of only $29,500 according to Statistics Canada – a figure that is even lower among older people in marginalized communities.

Age Better provides grants to community-based seniors’ services organizations, so they can provide older people in their communities with the equipment, services, and social programs they need to stay healthy, engaged, and active.

Since 2020, the Age Better program has reached more than 5600 seniors in over 45 local communities across Canada.

    We support older people living in:

    Aging better within the community means improving:

    • access to mobility and communication-enhancing equipment or devices
    • access to dental care and support services such as transportation, delivered meals, and senior center memberships.
    • access to innovative programs that meet community-specific needs

    Social isolation and loneliness affect
    more than 1.5 million older Canadians
    2020 Statistics Canada Health Report

      The Age Better program supports nationwide, regional, and local initiatives that are focused on improving the lives of aging Canadians currently facing barriers to inclusion:

      Living with financial insecurity

      Living with a high level of health needs

      Living in underserved areas

      Through the generosity of its donors, HelpAge Canada offers financial support to local community partner organizations caring for older Canadians.

      Program Impact

      Disbursed to local community organizations

      Underserved older Canadians directly benefiting from support

      Directed to men’s initiatives countering isolation, loneliness, and depression

      My experience with my Men’s Shed is that I open up and ask for help. I’m not used to that, asking for help – that’s what Men’s Sheds has given to me.

      – Gerry G, Ambleside Men’s Shed (Men’s Mental Health Initiative grant recipient)

      Benefits for partners

      Age Better provides community-based seniors’ services organizations with flexible grants that allow them to develop activities and services catered to the particular needs of their communities.

      Age Better benefits organizations by:

      • Awarding grants up to $10,000 to holistically support programs and services
      • Providing a responsive partner committed to transparency and open communications
      • Bringing a national perspective on the community-based seniors’ services sector to inform best practices
      • Giving expert communications support to share stories that shift the current narrative about older people to one that celebrates their contribution and values the lives of older people for the essential role they play in our society
      • Offering a community of practice that allows for collaboration, education, and a space to exchange and reflect on best practices for community-based seniors’ services organizations

      Canadians aging
      better, together

      Discover our Age Better granting
      initiatives and learn how to apply

      Grant applications are currently closed for our Well-Being Initiatives and Innovative Programming Initiatives.

      Well-Being Initiatives – Supporting projects that focus on providing mobility and communication-enhancing equipment, dental care, delivered meals, senior centre memberships, and other well-being services.

      Innovative Programming Initiatives – Promoting well-being with social-recreational activities such as exercise and art classes, meal programs, and social outings including:

      Support Us

      We appreciate the support of our generous donors in helping us create a world in which all older persons lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lives.