The only national, not-for-profit home sharing program in Canada, Canada HomeShare™ is an innovative intergenerational housing option that supports aging in place while providing safe and affordable accommodations. 

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A 2021 national survey showed
78% of Canadians want to age in their current homes,
but 26% of those adults do not expect to be able to.
March of Dimes

    Building Bridges Between Generations

    Nearly half of all Canadians over the age of 50 are at risk of social isolation, and over 54% of older adults in Canada report experiencing loneliness. Homesharing provides program participants with regular social interaction in a space that’s comfortable and familiar, and offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge, culture, and so much more between generations.

    Canada HomeShare isn’t just about sharing a home – it’s about sharing a unique, valuable experience that goes beyond age.  


    Adults aged 55 years and older currently represent about one quarter of the residents of Vancouver, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. By 2041, it is estimated that this number will double

    – City of Burnaby

      “Last November, [Michael] Wortis, who taught at Simon Fraser University, joined a home-share program that matches SFU students with adults aged 55 and over who have a bedroom available for rent at below-market prices…Now, Mr. Wortis not only has someone to share a meal with, but also someone who is teaching him internet memes and TikTok courtesy, and someone who can check on him if anything happens.”

      “In B.C., students are moving in with seniors to save on rent and stave off elders’ isolation,” The Globe and Mail

      Benefits for partners

      Canada HomeShare brings together the right partners for local success and provides the technology, tools and processes for older adults and students to join the Canada HomeShare program.

      Canada HomeShare benefits organizations by:

      • Providing holistic support and individual-centric solutions to older adults’ search for autonomy and support for aging in place
      • Being a responsive partner committed to transparency and open communication
      • Sharing stories that shift the current narrative about older people to one that celebrates the contribution of the aging population and values the lives of older people for the essential role they play in our society

      This program is offered across the country thanks to the support of our Founding Program Partner and other partners:

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      We appreciate the support of our generous donors in helping us create a world in which all older persons lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lived.