Men Helping Men, Shoulder to Shoulder

HelpAge Canada supports the development of Men's Sheds across Canada, helping older men to connect with one another. This November, let's grow together!

Join the movement for a unified, coordinated CBSS sector in Canada!

In June 2024, HelpAge Canada invites community-based seniors' services (CBSS) organizations from across Canada to attend the 2024 CBSS Summit: Claiming our Space, Naming our Future. 

Let's create a world where we can age together.

Let's create a world where we can age together.

Whether it is isolation, loneliness, food security, safety, shelter, access to healthcare, accessibility, or giving voice, HelpAge Canada assists, empowers and connects older persons in Canada and around the world.

Sponsor A Grandparent

Older people are critical contributors to family, community, and society. They are both the largest growing and the most under served population in the world. A monthly donation, starting at $40, helps support the cost of food, water, shelter, medicine and clothing. It restores dignity and hope while giving a Grandparent the respect they deserve. 

Our sponsor program is active in Dominica, Haiti,  Jamaica, Kenya, and Sri Lanka.

How You Can Help Older People Around The World

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Become a monthly or one-time donor to help older people in Canada and around the world lead healthy, active, and dignified lives.


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Our Impact

When you support HelpAge Canada, you become our partner, improving and maintaining the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their communities in Canada and around the world.

90% of all donations to HelpAge Canada go directly to programs, with 6.5% towards administration costs, and 3.5% towards fundraising costs. You can rest assured your contributions are working hard to meet the needs of older people.



90% Supports programs
benefiting vulnerable older persons
6.5% Administration
3.5% Fundraising