Who We Are



A world in which all older persons lead secure, healthy, active, and dignified lives.


HelpAge Canada supports community-based initiatives through its partnerships across Canada and abroad to improve the lives of older persons and their communities. We empower older people who are vulnerable, isolated or lonely by developing innovative programs and collaborations to foster a world in which all persons age with dignity.


Dignity & Equity

Treating people with respect and believing in the power, insight, and expertise of every person is the basis for people to age with dignity. Human rights are for all phases of life, regardless of age

Inclusion & Diversity

Contributions from diverse groups are essential to the fabric of a thriving society. The involvement and contribution of aging adults is fundamental to create a future that offers well-being and hope to all.

Agency & Advocacy

Having a voice and having a choice about the future. Personal agency is central to what it means to be human. It is about the ability to claim our rights, to make choices and to participate meaningfully in decision-making in all parts of life, including the personal, family, social and political.

Community & Connections

Communities thrive when meaningful intergenerational relationships flourish. The interconnectedness of people across the generations is critical to a healthy society.