COVID-19 Eastern Ukraine

Campaign Goal: $38,000

Your donation will go directly to providing emergency hygiene kits and senior friendly education material on COVID-19 infection in the high conflict zone of Eastern Ukraine.

Hygiene Kits include hand sanitizer, soap, washing powder for clothes, disinfection powder, dish washing liquid, toilet paper, medical masks and gloves to reduce risk of infection during visits from health-care workers and volunteers. Educational material on COVID 19 and  infection prevention will also be included in each kit. Cost per kit - $38.

Project location and target communities - The project will target 1000 older women and men along the line of conflict in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, Ukraine.


The conflict in eastern Ukraine has had a devastating effect on communities, affecting the lives of more than 5 million people, of which 3.4 million need humanitarian and protection support. Older people constitute a third of the conflict affected population in eastern Ukraine, reaching 41% in areas closest to the Line of Conflict. This is the largest percentage of older persons affected by conflict in a single country and reflects the unique demographics of the crisis. People with disabilities account for 12% of those in need, again with increased numbers closest to the LoC, most likely due to their increased isolation or reliance on others, limited physical mobility, poor economic resources, and their emotional attachment to property and assets, all of which inhibits their ability to move out of these areas.

National/local statistics on the virus

There are a total of 27,856 reported cases of COVID-19 so far in Ukraine since March 3, 2020 to date (June 9, 2020). Out of the 27,856 reported COVID-19 positive cases, Ukraine reported 12,412 recoveries and 810 deaths (as of June 9, 2020). 46% of the death cases were people aged 50+ (as of May 28, 2020).

With limited financial means, and the state of conflict in the region, access to basic necessities and necessary health care is extremely limited for seniors in this part of Ukraine. The effects of extended isolation and loneliness along with a lack of safety, sometimes constant shelling, has extreme affects on physical and mental health.

The survival of these most vulnerable seniors depends on  the amazing support of health-care workers and many, many volunteers who put themselves at tremendous risk to care for them.

Please Help.

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