Sponsor A Grandparent

Around the world, older persons are struggling to sustain themselves because they do not have enough food or ready access to medicine and other resources necessary for a healthy life. Our Sponsor A Grandparent program consists of over 500 older persons in 5 countries who are now able to enjoy a healthier life as a result of your support.

A minimum monthly donation of $40 helps support the cost of food, water, shelter, access to clean water, medicine, and clothing. It provides some stability, restores dignity, and offers hope while giving a Grandparent the respect they deserve.

In return for your donation, we will send you a photograph of the Grandparent you have sponsored and their profile. You will also receive an annual update on your Grandparent’s health and well-being and have the opportunity to communicate directly with your grandparent.

Our Grandparents live in their community, whether in their own homes or in assisted living settings. We work with partner agencies, volunteers, and networks to maximize the benefit for our grandparents of every dollar donated.


Contribute your preferred monthly sponsorship amount ($40, $50, $75 or $100) on this form. Let us know if you wish to Sponsor A Grandparent from a particular country.
Learn more about your sponsored Grandparent from the profile that will be sent to you.
Connect through updates, letters and photos throughout the year.


Our sponsor program is active in 5 countries:





Sri Lanka