Emergency Relief for older Canadians.

Older people face the highest risk of COVID-19 infection which further isolates them, prevents their participation in community, and restricts their access to basic necessities and needed care.

Your donation directly supports isolated seniors through delivered meal programs, groceries, hygiene products, personal care, safety and social support, and through the provision of personal protection for volunteers and health workers who continue to tirelessly serve seniors despite increased risk to themselves. We are currently working with over 70 local community partners across Canada and continuing to expand our reach. These partners access support from us through our Seniors Can! Emergency Relief grant program.

As we move into a new phase of COVID-19 with more assistance coming from the Federal Government and other providers, we are placing emphasis on finding ways to keep isolated vulnerable seniors connected to loved ones and ensuring access to critical external supports and needed health care, food and other supplies. We are seeking out the most marginalized communities to provide support where others cannot.


Gregor Sneddon, Executive Director

Ambassador video created at campaign launch in 2020


HelpAge Canada was Canada’s first national COVID-19 responder for seniors.

Thanks to you, we have raised over $500,000 which we continue to flow to our local community partners of whom we are so proud.

Our Local Community Partners in Action!

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Thank you to the frontline staff, healthcare workers and other employees and volunteers who are accepting an increased personal risk to care for seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you as well to our sponsors whose significant contributions are instrumental to the relief support that we are providing.