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People 60 + are the fastest growing demographic group
yet their needs are rarely considered.

In Canada chronic social isolation and loneliness has critical impacts on physical and mental health.

Internationally, older people suffer much more than others from non-communicable diseases but these health issues receive only 2.3% of development assistancei.

Less than 20% of older people receive a pension in low-income countriesii

How you can help

Advance the well-being and inclusion of older people around the world.

Sponsor a Gran (Small)

Sponsor a Grandparent

Brighten a vulnerable older person’s life with monthly support.


Seniors Can!

Let a Canadian Senior know they are not alone by providing them with mobility and communications equipment, meals, visits and well-being activities.



Ukraine has been facing the demographic challenge of aging, well before the conflict broke out in Eastern Ukraine.


India Cataract Surgery

Cataract is one the major causes of blindness in India.


Gifts for Kenyan Seniors

Send a gift to a Kenyan senior in need.

Greatest Need (Small)

Give Where the Need is Greatest

Your Donation helps older people in Canada and in the world’s most vulnerable communities to earn a sustainable income, provide for the children in their care, receive the health services they need, and live free of violence or discrimination.


Partner Agencies

Our partner charitable agencies work hard under challenging circumstances and with little means. In the countries where we work, there is little infrastructure or support for the needs of seniors. You can support us with a donation to our general fund where we will put your donation to where it is needed most.

i Skirbekk et al, Health Affairs, 2016

ii ILO World Social Protection Report 2017-2019 (p.65 Onwards)