Seniors Can! Grants are creating inclusive communities across Canada by providing low-income older adults with access to the equipment, services, and programs necessary to lead healthy, connected and engaged lives.

Anyone can become socially isolated when challenges exceed personal resources and available support from friends, family and government. Since the program was established in 2020, Seniors Can! has improved the lives of over 5,600 older Canadians in need.

Thank you for supporting this program, and to our Founding Program Partner.

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Healthy Growing, Healthy Eating

Northern Healthy Foods Initiative share how their Tower Garden Program gets fresh fruit and vegetables to a northern community in need.

The ability to grow fresh produce at home with a Tower Garden has been a very uplifting and positive experience for seniors in this community.

Barb, a senior with mobility issues in Peonan Point, MB, has a Tower Garden in her kitchen! This experience has impacted her life greatly.

"I am only sorry everyone can't have one...this is really something!"

Enhanced Independence

Nancy shares how receiving a Seniors Can! grant for a power wheelchair with an elevating feature has changed her life.

"Government funding covers the basics of a wheelchair but not things like an elevating device. I do not have the resources to cover these costs. The fact that the chair now elevates has made my life easier in so many ways. Cooking has always been a problem. Although I can get my wheelchair under my stove top I couldn't see what was in the pot. This chair means I am higher and therefore safer. As well, I can reach things in my cupboards with no difficulty. When shopping I can reach the top shelves and don’t have to get a store employee to help. The most important improvement is being eye level with other people. To have conversations with people at eye level or be at a crowded event and see what the crowd is seeing is a huge boost to how I feel about myself."

"These may seem like small changes but they have enhanced my independence and self-esteem so to me they are invaluable."

Nourishing Their Community

Jenna Smith, Executive Director, Innovation Jeunes, shares her experience after receiving a Seniors Can! grant from HelpAge Canada.

Their 'Pay What You Can Farmers Market' has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on a downtown Montreal community in need, providing not only much needed fresh and prepared foods but also a safe and welcoming space.

" isolation is probably one of the biggest determinants of poverty in this neighbourhood."