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Social isolation and loneliness affect more than one million older Canadians. Loneliness and social isolation foster serious social, mental and physical health challenges and a significant reduction in quality of life for older people and for their caregivers and communities.


Seniors Can! (Aînés Debout!) is a national grant program designed to help low-income seniors across Canada avoid isolation and loneliness and engage more fully with their communities. Through the generous support of the Founding Program Partner, Seniors Can! provides grants to local community partners of up to $2000 for individual seniors and $5000 for charitable organizations or other qualified donees. Seniors Can! takes a wholistic approach to supporting senior inclusion and offers grants for four key areas: Accessibility, Well-Being, Innovative Programming, and Emergency Relief.

Seniors Can! Emergency Relief

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, HelpAge Canada has expanded the Seniors Can! program to include a fourth grant: The Emergency Relief Grant. Partner agencies may access grants of $5000 repeatedly in support of emergency efforts to provide Isolated Seniors with access to food, medications, hygiene products and personal care. The grant also allows for support for staff and volunteers who are facing increased stress and difficulty serving seniors in their care.

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