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We offer different sponsorship programs to support a grandparent, a victim of sexual violence, a retired advocate, or a member of a marginalized community. Click on any of the items below to learn more and donate to these people in need.

Sponsor a grandparent

Around the world, older persons are struggling to sustain themselves because they do not have enough food or ready access to medicine and other resources necessary for a healthy life.  The Sponsor a Grandparent program serves over 800 older persons who are now able to enjoy a healthier life as a result of your support. In return, we will send you a photograph of the Grandparent you have sponsored and their profile. You will also receive an annual update on your Grandparent’s health and well-being.

What Is the Impact of Your Donation?

  • Your monthly donation of $34.00 helps supplement the cost of food, water, shelter, medicine and clothing. It restores dignity and hope while giving a Grandparent the respect they deserve. Please give.