Telge Ramalin Peiries

Telge Ramalin Peiries is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  June 6, 1929

COUNTRY:  Sri Lanka

Miss Telge is 89 years old and has never married nor had any children. She is Buddhist and speaks and writes Sinhala. Her mother died when she was very young. Abandoned by her father, she lived with her aunt and uncle and helped take care of her younger cousins. They taught her to read and write.

Telge left the after the children were raised and worked the rest of her adult years as a domestic helper. With advancing age, she became too frail to do this kind of work and her health began to deteriorate. Eventually unable to work at all, no pension and with no children to look after her, The Wimala Home took her in.

She is shy and kind and enjoys the peaceful atmosphere of the home. She helps others who are less mobile than she is, and anywhere that is needed in the home. She receives regular visits from family, which brings her great joy and they often bring her some of her favourite treats.

Sponsorship for Telge will assist in the regular provision of food, clothing, clean linen for her bed, medication for hypertension and diabetes and many items of basic need, which we so often take for granted. Just as importantly, it will show her someone cares. She will be so grateful to receive news of sponsorship.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – The Wimala Home for Elders, Mahagammedda, Payagala, Sri Lanka