Seline Awuor

Seline Awuor


Seline is a widow who is approximately 63 years old. Of her six children, four sons and one daughter are still living. Seline’s three orphaned grandchildren live with her. Their home is an old, three-room house with a leaky, iron sheet roof, a soil floor, and soil walls. Seline is in relatively fair health, although she has extreme difficulty walking. She does experience some pain, including from ulcers, and she is susceptible to pneumonia, especially during the rainy season. Seline is a jovial Gran who attempts to support her family as best she can by making sisal ropes. Because she cannot walk to gather the sisal, her grandchildren do that for her.

In her youth Seline loved to run and play soccer. These days she enjoys sitting outside her home, singing and telling stories to her grandchildren.

Sponsorship for Seline will assist in the provision of food, which is increasingly expensive because of the effects climate change and droughts have had on crops. It will also help pay for medication and clothing. Just as importantly, your assistance will let Seline know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Elizabeth Joot Services, Ahero, Kisumu County, Kenya