Salina Ogol Danga

Salina Ogol Danga


Salina is a widow and is approximately 69 years old. She and her husband had six children, although only one, a daughter, is still living. Poor herself, she is unable to care for her Mum. Salina makes mats to sell in the market. The processing of the reeds requires a lot of energy, and, as she ages, Salina finds that she has less strength for that. She experiences chest pain and dizziness, which are due mainly to the mat production, and is so glad for medication that provides relief.

Salina is a happy Grannie who always has a ready smile and enjoys jokes. She is an industrious person who keeps everything clean and tidy and her clothes well ironed. She loves cooking, especially fish. A God-fearing woman, she is sustained by her faith.

In her youth Salina loved dancing, especially Owalo and Bodi, traditional African dances. She was a great help to her parents, particularly with kitchen chores such as fetching firewood and water.

As she ages and is less able to provide for herself, sponsorship for Salina will assist in the provision of regular food, medication, and clothing.Just as importantly, your assistance will let Salina know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Elizabeth Joot Services, Ahero, Kisumu County, Kenya

Inflation in the countries where we work and the eroding purchasing power of sponsorship dollars make it hard to deliver a consistent level of assistance to grandparents around the world. An increase of a few dollars in your monthly contribution will help us keep benefits strong for all our seniors in the sponsorship program, including your sponsored grandparent, regardless of variations in local economies. With your support, sponsored Grandparents in HelpAge Canada programs can meet their daily needs and live secure healthy lives with dignity.