Rosemary Opiyo

Rosemary Opiyo


Rosemary is a widow and is approximately 62 years old. She and her husband had six children, three sons and three daughters. She is presently living with a daughter who is epileptic while the rest of the children are under the care of foster families since she cannot provide even basic support. Rosemary is illiterate and her spoken language is Luo.

Rosemary and her daughter are living in an old two room house with earthen walls and floor and a roof made of an iron sheet. During the rainy season their lives are in danger due to the cold weather. She tries to support them by performing casual work in the fields but the work is not reliable and her strength is minimal. She developed persistent headaches, cough and fever after working on a rice farm. She rarely receives medical assistance due to lack of funds.

Rosemary is a loving and God fearing woman who has a good relationship with the people around her. She likes gardening and keeping her compound clean as well as singing and telling stories. In her youth, she used to fetch firewood and water as well as singing in the choir.

Sponsorship for Rosemarywill assist in the provision of regular food, medication and clothing for her. Climate change and extremely long droughts have made farming unreliable and food more expensive to buy. Just as importantly, your assistance will let Rosemary know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Elizabeth Joot Services, Ahero, Kisumu County, Kenya