Remy Daguillard2

Remy Daguillard is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  April 5, 1938


Born on April 5, 1938, Remy is almost 84 years old! He is a strong man, given the average life span in Haiti is 63 years old. He is married. He and his wife have 6 children, two sons and four daughters.  Their children are impoverished themselves and unable to help support their Mum and Dad which saddens them deeply.

Remy was born in the arrondissement of Boette, Camp Perrin, Haiti. Working hard all of his life, Remy supported his family by working as a farmer on an estate. Education was so important to he and his wife. They spent all of their savings, giving them to their children so they could have a better life than their own. Sadly, Haiti has little opportunity.

Remy’s health is quite fair. He awaits a surgery for a hernia if it is afforded him. Remy has always been a hardworking and loving family man and is grateful for his health, to see his grandchildren grow and he hopes for a better future for them. He needs help though, as the means are just not there.

HelpAge Canada has collaborated with this partner caring organization for many years, helping extremely vulnerable elderly persons who might otherwise not survive. Your valuable sponsorship will assist in the provision of food, clothing, and many other basic necessities for Remy. Just as importantly, he will know that someone cares about him.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – Conférence Sociéte de St. Vincent de Paul, Camp Perrin, Haiti