Mr. Phunstok

Mr. Phunstok is sponsored!


Born in Tibet in 1923, Mr. Phunstok is approximately 97 years old. In 1959 he was forced to flee to India in the wake of the Chinese invasion. He spent his life in the Tibetan regiment of the Indian army and presently lives in an old age home the Indian government provides for Tibetan veterans. He is a single man with no children. He is Buddhist and speaks Tibetan.

Although the veterans have housing, they are responsible for their own upkeep, including their own food and medicine. They weave socks to sell at the market and have a garden and some cows, but it is not enough to meet their daily needs. With advancing age and fragility, Mr. Phunstok has become unable to participate in the income-generating activities and now is completely dependent on the Tibetan Homes Foundation for all his needs.

Mr. Phunstok is currently in rather poor health. Arthritis, as well as swollen legs and feet, cause him significant pain and affect his mobility. He is so grateful for the medication that brings him some relief.

Mr. Phunstok spends much of his day reciting prayers and chanting mantras. He enjoys going to the nearby temple, when his health permits, and always looks forward to passing time chatting with old friends.

Sponsorship will assist in the regular provision of food, shelter, medical attention, and many basic necessities for Mr. Phunstok. Just as importantly, he will know that someone cares

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – The Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie, India