Kanthi Tewarapperuma

Kanthi Tewarapperuma is sponsored!

COUNTRY:  Sri Lanka

Miss A. Kanthi is approximately 65 years old and has never married nor had any children. She is Buddhist and speaks and writes Sinhala.

Kanthi never married and lived her life with her parents until they passed away. She spent many years living with her sister and her husband.

She is described as having been developmentally challenged since childhood but not much information is available.

She was taken to the Wimala Home by her sister, as she was starting to become a little confused, eating very little and slightly combative. Suffering from high blood pressure, they also worried about affording her medication. They had no means to source specialty care for her and were worried about her safety.

The peaceful atmosphere of the home and the kind and experienced staff and volunteers seem to be able to calm her. She receives regular visits from family, which brings her great joy and they often bring her some of her favourite treats, as they are a luxury at this home which operates on very limited funds.

The Wimala Home is home to approximately forty-five women, who would otherwise have no reliable means of support. The women are all addressed as Mothers. All of the Mothers, who are able, contribute to their small community through cooking, cleaning, sewing, gardening and helping those in greater need than themselves. Kanthi, depending on the day and her well-being, helps with some cleaning or keeps company to those who are.

Sponsorship for Kanthi will assist in the regular provision of food, clothing, clean linen for her bed, medication for hypertension, diabetes and dementia and many items of basic need, which we so often take for granted. Just as importantly, it will show her someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – The Wimala Home for Elders, Mahagammedda, Payagala, Sri Lanka