Miyurian Somalatha

Miyurian Somalatha

COUNTRY:  Sri Lanka

Miss Miyurian Somalatha is approximately 57 years old and has never married nor had any children.She is Buddhist and speaks Sinhala. Miyurian was born and raised in Bombuwala and spent her life there until her parents passed away.

Miyurian is a kind natured, sweet woman who always has a smile for everyone. Like all the woman at the Wimala Home for Elders, she is addressed as Mother. She helps enthusiastically with all the daily chores to keep the home and garden clean and tidy.

Mother Myurian has down syndrome though her health is very fair. Having never worked, and with no one to look after her, she was taken in by the home several years ago. The home relies on a very small stipend per Mother, per day, that will not provide them with all living necessities. They rely on charitable donations. Currently there are 48 Mothers living there and only 17 have sponsorship.

Sponsorship for Myurian will assist in the regular provision of food, clothing, clean linen for her bed, medication when needed and for many items of basic need, which we so often take for granted. Just as importantly, it will show her someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – The Wimala Home for Elders, Mahagammedda, Payagala, Sri Lank

Inflation in the countries where we work and the eroding purchasing power of sponsorship dollars make it hard to deliver a consistent level of assistance to grandparents around the world. An increase of a few dollars in your monthly contribution will help us keep benefits strong for all our seniors in the sponsorship program, including your sponsored grandparent, regardless of variations in local economies. With your support, sponsored Grandparents in HelpAge Canada programs can meet their daily needs and live secure healthy lives with dignity.