Mariyakutty Medackal

Mariyakutty Medackal is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  January 15, 1943


Mariyakutty is a 77 year old woman who grew up in the Franciscan Convent and then served there for forty years. As she aged, she developed a number of ailments and suffered both a stroke and a heart attack. She spent two months in hospital, where she was so grateful for the extensive physiotherapy that helped get her back on her feet again.

No longer able to work, and with no husband or children to depend on, Mariyakutty was delighted to be welcomed to the Assisi Sneha Bhavan Home, where she receives such loving care. She is currently living in the sick quarters, where the nurse ensures that she gets her medication for hypertension and high cholesterol. Recently Mariyakutty was rushed to the hospital in respiratory distress. She has again been discharged and, thankfully, is again doing well.

Mariyakutty’s faith continues to be an important part of her life. Every morning she attends holy Mass in the chapel near her room, and she fills much of the rest of her day in prayer. She very much enjoys the companionship of the other Grans and, when she feels up to it, joins a team of them as they prepare vegetables for attendees at the Retreat Centre nearby. She also enjoys sitting quietly with the other Grans reading, watching the news, or praying. As a special treat, Mariyakutty looks forward to visits from her nephew, who makes sure that she is not forgotten and calls on her from time to time.

Mariyakutty is a kind and loving addition to the Home. Your sponsorship will assist in the provision of food, medical attention, and many other items of basic need for Mariyakutty’s care there. Just as importantly, she will know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – Assisi Sneha Bhavan Home, Bharananganam, Kottayam, Kerala, India