Magdaline Laville2

Magdaline Laville is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  February 22, 1964

COUNTRY:  Dominica

Although Grannie Magdaline is only 56 years old, her health is poor beyond her years. Despite her humble circumstances, she is a remarkably hardworking and cheerful woman. She inspires many and is a friend to everyone in her community.

Magdaline is married, with two sons, two daughters, and many grandchildren. Through hard work and perseverance, Magdaline and her husband always found a way to keep their children clothed and fed. For many years Magdaline enjoyed caring for her family as a full-time homemaker. In her early forties, with the onset of hypertension and diabetes, her health began to fail. Lacking money for medication and proper healthcare, she developed complications, and both legs were amputated before she was fifty. Her hypertension and diabetes are both now treated successfully with medication.

Being wheelchair bound, Magdaline still insists on cleaning her own home inside and out. When her children were younger, she used to sew much of their clothing, and, even now, she sews prolifically by hand. She tends carefully to her garden and is pleased that it has started to grow her favourite foods again, dasheens and yams.

Many Dominicans rely on their gardens for at least fifty percent of their food. No garden was spared by hurricane Maria. Through the remarkable strength of Dominican community spirit and their willingness to help family and strangers alike, kitchen gardens are a regular sight again.

Your valued sponsorship for Magdaline will assist in the provision not only of food but also medication, which she cannot live without.Just as importantly, she will know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – Society of St.Vincent de Paul Society, Dominica