Lucia Atieno Boyi

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Lucia Atieno is approximately 61 years old and has been widowed for many years. She does not have children. She speaks Luo and is illiterate.

Lucia Atieno cares for her niece, who is orphaned. They live in an old, two-roomed house with a sheet iron roof and soil walls and floors.

In years past Lucia Atieno worked hard to support herself and her niece by farming vegetables and selling them in a nearby market. Recently, however, she has been suffering a number of physical ailments that have prevented her from working. In addition to arthritis, which causes her significant joint pain, she has been experiencing dizziness and overall lack of strength.

Despite her circumstances Lucia Atieno remains a polite and cheerful Gran who can often be heard singing as she goes about her day. She summons her energy to keep her humble home, clothing, and cooking utensils tidy and clean.

Lucia Atieno has loved singing since she was a child, when she sang in the church choir. In her youth, she enthusiastically helped with the family chores, her favourites being fetching firewood and water. When she had a free moment, she loved playing with her siblings and neighbours.

Sponsorship for Lucia Atieno will assist in the provision of food, which is increasingly expensive because of the effects climate change and droughts have had on crops. It will also help pay for medication and clothing. Just as importantly, your assistance will let Lucia Atieno know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Elizabeth Joot Services, Ahero, Kisumu County, Kenya