Geoffrey Reid

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Inflation in the countries where we work and the eroding purchasing power of sponsorship dollars make it hard to deliver a consistent level of assistance to grandparents around the world. An increase of a few dollars in your monthly contribution will help us keep benefits strong for all our seniors in the sponsorship program, including your sponsored grandparent, regardless of variations in local economies. With your support, sponsored Grandparents in HelpAge Canada programs can meet their daily needs and live secure healthy lives with dignity.

Geoffrey Reid

Birthday: April 25, 1943

Country: Jamaica

Geoffrey is a 76 year old married man with one son and two daughters. As he ages, his wife has become unable to care for him because of her declining health. Geoffrey speaks and writes English.

In his younger days Geoffrey worked hard to support his family by working as a mortician. Although he is fortunate to receive a pension, it is woefully inadequate to provide for his needs.

Despite a substantial list of ailments, Geoffrey is in relatively fair health. He uses a walker to get around, but, since admission to St. Monica’s Home, has been getting stronger so that he maintains better balance and can walk longer distances. He also has glaucoma, early stage kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and a sensitive stomach, and he is showing signs of dementia. It is encouraging that he is doing so well on medication.

Geoffrey is a good-natured man who laughs a lot but speaks little. When asked how he is, he always replies, “”Doing good.” He loves listening to music, and he enjoys watching the other men play dominoes. They encourage him to play, but he is afraid that he will mix up the numbers. They haven’t given up on him yet and are still hoping to coax him to participate one day.

Easy to please, Geoffrey enjoys whatever food is placed in front of him. His favourites, however, are stew peas (a stew made with kidney beans) and jerk pork.

Sponsorship for Geoffrey will assist in the provision of food, clothing, and medical attention when necessary. Just as importantly, it will show him that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – St. Patrick’s Foundation for St. Monica’s Home, Jamaica