Fortina Colas2

Fortina Colas is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  April 8, 1926


Fortina is a pleasant woman who, despite being blind, remains in good spirits and appreciates whatever kindness is shown to her. Fortina and her common law husband had two children, one of whom is still living. For many years Fortina was a devoted homemaker who enjoyed caring for her family. She also contributed to the family income by working as a gardener. As she aged and her vision deteriorated, she was no longer able to work. Her daughter, impoverished herself, is unable to provide for her parents. At 93 years of age, Fortina’s activities are restricted by her vision. Although she does not get out and about much, she is always delighted to receive visitors. Fortina looks forward to chatting with family members and members of her church family when they drop by to spend some time.

Sponsorship for Fortina will assist in the regular provision of food, medication to relieve her aches and pains, clothing, and many other basic necessities of life. Just as importantly, your assistance will let her know that someone cares.

Nearly 60% of Haitians live in poverty, and an additional 25% live in extreme poverty. Exacerbated by a series of natural disasters over the past two decades, including storms, flooding, landslides, drought, and the catastrophic earthquake of 2010, day-to-day survival is difficult for a staggering number of Haitians.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION –  Comité de bienfaisance de Dilaire, Haiti