Chenga Lhamo

Chenga Lhamo is sponsored!


Born in Tibet in 1946, Chenga is approximately 74 years old. In 1959 she fled to India in the wake of the Chinese invasion. Because she has difficulty communicating and appears to have gaps in her memory, not much is known about her background. We do know, however, that she spent many years supporting herself by working as a labourer, that she never married, and that she has no children.

With increasing age and continued mental health challenges, Chenga was no longer able to work. Alone, with no family or other means of support, she was so grateful to be welcomed to the Tibetan Homes Foundation home in Rajpur.

Chenga is a much-loved resident at the home, where she lives with 47 other elders. Although she has cognitive issues and cannot speak clearly, she still enjoys the company of the other residents and can often be found sitting with them outside in the sun. When she wants to get a point across, she is able to do so in a rudimentary way, and can even relay a sense of humour, such as expressing a desire to have her photo taken!

Sponsorship will assist in the regular provision of food, shelter, medical attention, and many basic necessities for Chenga. Just as importantly, she will know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – The Tibetan Homes Foundation, India