Celina Durand2

Celina Durand

BIRTHDAY:  September 14, 1951

COUNTRY:  Dominica

A native to Dominica, Celina is a single woman who is 68 years old. Although she has three daughters, they are poor themselves and unable to support their mother. Celina speaks, reads, and writes English.

Celina is in relatively good health. She does, however, have high blood pressure and a bad knee.

In her younger days Celina worked hard to help support her family by labouring as a domestic worker. She no longer has a sufficient source of income to cover her basic needs, and she struggles to get by. She strives to raise as much of her own food as she can and enjoys gardening in her backyard. Despite her difficult circumstances, Celina remains grateful for what she has and prays her thanks throughout the day.

Sponsorship for Celina will assist in the provision of food, medication, and many other items of basic need. Just as importantly, your assistance will let her know that someone cares. Thank you so much.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Roseau, Dominica