Aley Vadakkel

Aley Vadakkel is sponsored!

BIRTHDAY:  July 8, 1946


Aley is a 72 year-old woman who never married and has no children. Her only remaining family are three sisters and two brothers. Aley speaks and writes the local language, Malayalam.

In her younger years Aley supported herself by working as a housekeeper. With increasing age and declining health, she was no longer able to work. She was so grateful to be admitted to the Assisi Bhavan Home, where she is so lovingly looked after.

Aley is thankful for the medical care that helps her with her health challenges. A few years ago she underwent successful surgery for hyperthyroidism. She has diabetes, which is well-regulated with medication. She also has high blood pressure, which is being monitored.

Aley is an active participant in the life of the Home. A Roman Catholic, she has enjoyed preparing for a Bible examination. A pleasant, friendly woman, she enjoys the company of the other Grans and cheers them with her jovial mood. Recently she contributed to the Home’s entertainment by participating in a one act play. Considerate and hardworking, she is determined to help others as long as she is able. One of her regular offerings is to help prepare the many vegetables for the Home’s communal meals. Personally, her favourite dish is tapioca with fish.

Sponsorship for Aley will assist in the continued provision of food, medical care, and many other basic necessities of life. Just as importantly, your assistance will let her know that someone cares.

OUR PARTNER CARING ORGANIZATION – Assisi Sheha Bhavan, Barangaram, India