Raphael Lessard

I was born in Ottawa, Ontario. Growing up, I spent a number of years in South Florida pursuing my passion for tennis, which I still have today. My interests include architecture, traveling, and sports! I live with great cooks and this has fuelled a serious love for food… I have one grandparent, Lyse, and she is the family’s rock. In March, due to physical distancing, we taught grandma how to use a smart tablet, download various applications, and how to video call for the first time in her life. She is 77, and in her words, this was the biggest and most exciting technological advancement since the first time she watched television. Although I have taken technology for granted in my life, the role it has played in normalizing the last few months has been a real eye opener. Seeing grandma smile through video calls at Easter and during virtual games of chess has helped me appreciate the role technology can play in combating social isolation and promoting wellbeing. Although I am not a “cyclist” by any means, I look forward to seeing where this ride takes me. I’m passionate about its cause and the people it stands for, and that alone makes everything worth it!