Raise the Roof in Kenya

We all deserve a roof over our heads to lead a healthy and safe life.

With the support of our Partner Caring Organization, Joot Social Services, in Ahero, we have created the Raise the Roof Campaign to raise funds for Grandparents in need of new homes and repairs on their existing homes. A gift of $1250 CAD can purchase a new home for an older person in Kenya!

Help us Raise the Roof for these Grandparents in need. Together we can make a major difference in their life!


Here are Gran Jane's grandchildren during the flood rescue.

Together we can build new homes for these Grandparents

Kesiya Atieno Owiti_flood_72dpi

Gran Kesiya living in tent after her
house got swept away by the floods .

Kesiya Atieno Owiti_flood2_square

Gran Kesiya at the site where
her house used to be.

Silpa Ondinda_home_square

Gran Silpa sitting in front of her home
that is in need of major repairs.

Lewinta Yogo_home

Gran Lewinta in front of her home which
might not withstand another flood.

Dorfina Aloo Odiambo_home

Here is Gran Dorfina pointing to
how the pole is destroyed.

Dorfina Aloo Odiambo_home2

Also, Gran Dorfina showing the stones
on the roof keeping in secured.