Give a Home in Kenya

With the support of our Partner Caring Organization, Joot Social Services, in Ahero, we have created the Give a Home Campaign to raise funds for Grandparents in need of new homes and repairs to their existing homes.


Above is a typical home of an elder in our Sponsor A Grandparent Program. Below is a new home built with tin walls to withstand the elements such as flooding.

Lewinta Yogo's new home in Kenya

A gift of $1250 CAD can purchase a new home for an older person.
Help Give Homes for Grandparents in Kenya!

Gran Lewinta's new home is built in a day!

Gran Lewinta Yogo, an 83-year-old woman who lost all ten of her children was a recipient of a new home through the Give a Home program. Sister Paul and the team at Joot organized the builders who agreed to build for a quarter of their daily wage. The community gathered and prepared meals for all the crew and volunteers who worked from morning to night.

In one day, the former home was demolished and a new tin house with a Eucalyptus wood frame was built. There was much laughter, singing, and excitement as we sat and watched and lent a hand until her bed and belongings were carried into her new home to welcome her. Lewinta could not thank HelpAge Canada enough for her new home. The day ended with a blessing, prayer, and song from those gathered. In the video here, the community spontaneously jumped into song.

Gran Lewinta's old home.

Gran Lewinta watches new home construction with friends.

Friends gather to help and celebrate
as the new home is built in a day!

You are changing lives.

Gran Zilpa

Gran Dorfina

Gran Kesiya

Gran Benter

Mr. Lazarus

Gran Jennifer