2023 Morocco Earthquake


Morocco has been devastated by a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit late on Friday 8 September killing more than 2,400 people and the toll is rising. According to the UN OCHA flash update, several aftershocks have been reported, families still trapped under the rubble of their homes, road blockages and challenging geographic areas to access survivors. This will create huge challenges for those seeking to address the impact on the millions of survivors. 

The United Nations estimates that 300,000 people were affected by Friday night’s magnitude 6.8 quake, made more dangerous by its relatively shallow depth. 

HelpAge Canada is committed to ensuring the needs of older and vulnerable people are not overlooked in the aftermath of Morocco’s devastating earthquake. Donate today to help us bring vital supplies to those in need. 

HelpAge International anticipates the following needs in the aftermath of the earthquake:


  • Temporary shelter is one of the priority areas currently due to the destruction caused by the earthquake. 
  • The need for immediate shelter is likely to be exacerbated due to warmer weather in affected areas. 

Food Security

  • Food supply is likely to be badly affected due to the earthquake.  
  • Markets and supply chains will be also disrupted as infrastructure is damaged.  

Protection and MHPSS

  • Older people could be affected by loss of relatives and housing.  
  • Older people will be likely more at risk of rights and safety violations. 


  • Medical facilities are likely to be damaged and not able to provide adequate support.  
  • Rural areas are likely to have poorer levels of existing coverage – this problem will be exacerbated by the earthquake damage.  

“As the death toll rises in Morocco, we are very concerned about the potential impact on the country’s older population. The earthquake is going to have a particularly devastating impact on vulnerable people in hard-to-reach locations.”  

– Chris McIvor, Regional Representative for HelpAge International