Kenyan Gift Program


HelpAge Canada works with its partner, Joot Social Services, in Ahero, to deliver your gifts to Kenyans in need. Each animal or household item will be bought in the Nyando District in western Kenya by our partner.
The Kenyan Gift program helps to develop villages in the Nyando district in western Kenya by providing the essentials to those in need. Purchase a gift today and help an older person in a special way.


Your donation will also provide funds for development and community projects.

Household items:

A small gesture can mean everything to someone in need. Having a restful sleep, somewhere to sit or a table to eat at can make a big difference. You can purchase:

Chair: $8

Mattress: $26

Table: $16

A Mosquito Net: $20
In Africa, a mosquito net is one of the most important items someone can own. Mosquitos carry malaria, a disease that kills one million people worldwide each year. Simple and inexpensive, a mosquito net helps save lives.

A chicken: $45
A chicken can produce over 250 eggs in a year, providing a steady source of food and income.

A goat: $75
Goats are a valuable source of nutrition and can also help farmers expand their businesses.

A cow: $400
Milk from a cow is an excellent source of nutrition, and can also jumpstart a successful family business. A cow will help an older person provide for their family.

A new home: $640
Everyone deserves a home to call their own. Unfortunately, many older persons do not have adequate accommodations. Help an older person have a safe, dependable home. The gift of a home is invaluable.