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People 60 + are the fastest growing demographic group yet their needs are rarely considered.

Internationally, older people suffer much more than others from non-communicable diseases but these health issues receive only 2.3% of development assistance[1]

Less than 20% of older people receive a pension in low-income countries[2]

HelpAge Canada currently provides assistance and empowerment to older persons in Jamaica, Haiti, Dominca, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka.

HelpAge Canada is Canada’s only organization dedicated exclusively to helping older persons in Canada and the developing world. We have 40 years of experience working for older persons and helping them overcome poverty, claim their rights, challenge discrimination and helping them lead dignified, secure, and healthy lives.  HelpAge Canada is a founding member of HelpAge International and is part of a global network of organizations operating in more than 80 countries that help thousands of people and their communities every day.

Sponsor A Grandparent

Around the world, older persons are struggling to sustain themselves because they do not have enough food or ready access to medicine and other resources necessary for a healthy life. The Sponsor a Grandparent program serves close to 600 older persons who are now able to enjoy a healthier life as a result of your support

A monthly donation of $40 helps supplement the cost of food, water, shelter, medicine and clothing. It restores dignity and hope while giving a Grandparent the respect they deserve. In return, we will send you a photograph of the Grandparent you have sponsored and their profile. You will also receive an annual update on your Grandparent’s health and well-being.

India Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are easily treatable and yet nearly 12.5 million people in India are blind, often because the simple surgery is not accessible. Cataract surgery is a safe and common procedure however because of poverty, lack of accessible health care and other compounding factors, it is out of reach for millions of vulnerable older people in India.

HelpAge Canada has been supporting eye clinics in India since 1980. Ensuring that cataract surgery is available free of charge, by credible and competent professionals, and by providing transportation for seniors in remote areas, over 35,000 surgeries have been completed.

[1] Skirbekk et al, Health Affairs, 2016

[2] ILO World Social Protection Report 2017-2019 (p.65 Onwards)