By 2050, 20% of the global population will be over 60. Ageing is transforming the world, bringing both challenges and opportunities.

For over 45 years, HelpAge Canada has worked with local partners throughout the world. We are a founding member of HelpAge International. With 158 members across 86 countries, the HelpAge Global Network is a truly international movement for change. We are united in one goal: creating a fairer world for older people so they can live safe, healthy and dignified lives.

Currently, we are supporting older persons in the following ways:

  • Sponsor A Grandparent: A program for Canadians to sponsor an older person in need in six countries with a monthly donation.
  • Ukraine Humanitarian Response: We are actively engaging with refugees in Moldova and working in Ukraine delivering food, medicine and hygiene to older people, their families and communities.
  • Ethiopia Humanitarian Relief: Currently we are partnering with Global Affairs Canada in the Gambela region of Ethiopia providing nutrition, protection and access to over 50,000 older people and people with disabilities and special needs.
  • Kenya Support: Providing new homes to older people in Kenya and assisting with school costs of the grandchildren in their care.
  • United Nations Convention on the Rights or Older People: Engaging in advocacy for, education and promotion of the Convention.

It takes a village to age with dignity.

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