COVID-19 International Seniors Emergency Relief

International Seniors Emergency Relief is dedicated to serving aging people faced with extraordinary humanitarian emergencies. Through our global partners, we are enabled to engage rapidly in cases of disaster.  Seniors in developing nations are particularly vulnerable when economic, political, ecological or health disasters strike and they are often the victims of neglect, discrimination and violence. We strive to provide seniors with safety, food, medication, and the means to live with dignity. We advocate for seniors and work with local authorities and healthcare professionals to protect and advance the wellbeing of older people wherever we work.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has put older people in critical danger and the health infrastructures of developing countries are not resourced to respond as fully as more wealthy nations like Canada.

A donation to the International Seniors Emergency Relief will be directed to wherever the need is greatest in the countries where we work. your donation will provide needed food, medication, hygiene products, personal care and humanitarian aid for vulnerable seniors and provide safety and support for those caring for them.

You may also make a donation directly to our partners in the countries where we work. Simply select the Country you wish to support in the Fund Dropdown menu and your donation will be shared with the agencies working in that country providing emergency humanitarian aid.

Eastern Ukraine
Sri Lanka

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