India COVID-19 Emergency Response

Older Persons Need Our Help

India is fighting a massive second wave of COVID-19, the elderly are struggling to simply survive. The health system does not have the capacity to respond to the ferocious increase in cases with widespread lack of essential medical items and support. Older persons in Indian are in urgent need of food, clean water, personal health support, sanitation, hygiene and vaccine support and access to oxygen.

According to COVID-19 prevention guidelines, the elderly are  advised not to venture out for livelihood activity, go to the markets, and avoid public transport. Apart from this, there is unavailability of basic health and hygiene materials in many locations.

HelpAge is working in Orissa, Madhyapradesh, Tamilnadu, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Himachal, Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan, and Puducherry. We work directly with nearly 45K rural elderly poor having institutionalized the concept of Collectives of Rural Elderly Poor. These Collectives form the federated Elders Self Help Groups. The elderly and elected representatives of their federations identify the most suitable beneficiaries in their location and also help in procurement, packing and distribution of relief materials.

Specifically, we are attempting to raise $50,000 CAD to provide older people in these regions for four months with:

  • Nutritious Rations for food security
  • Personal Health/Hygiene Kits and PPE to protect them from infection.

Please Help! Your donation will SAVE LIVES.

HelpAge response for older persons in India

Community based production and distribution of face masks-3

COVID-19 awareness sessions and mask distribution.

ESHG Member receiving Survival Kit at M. Reddiyapatty Panchayat_crop
ESHG Members with their Survival Kits pack at Shanmugasundarapuram Village_crop
ESHG members waiting for their turn to receive the survival kits pack at Varalotty Village_crop

Survival kit distribution.

Inamreddiyapatty village temp testing of elderly
Two Men
Two Women

Body temperature and oxygen saturation level testing.

Final India_PeoplesVaccine_crop
Vaccination of older people - Photo by HelpAge India_crop

Vaccination centres.

Photos provided by HelpAge India