India COVID-19 Emergency Response

India is facing a ferocious second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen an unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths. The health system is overwhelmed with a lack of beds, isolation units, essential medical equipment, supplies and PPE items for medical and frontline workers.

COVID-19 has a disproportionally higher mortality rate among older people and they need urgent support to access health services for chronic illnesses, transport for testing, treatment and vaccinations, hygiene and PPE items as well as support to cover the costs for cremation of family members.

The next arm of our campaign is focusing on Rajasthan. COVID-19 is having a devastating effect on older people in Rajasthan, including the dire economic and social repercussions. Older people are struggling to meet their basic needs with a loss of income, returning unemployed family members, and limited access to social, health and economic support.

HelpAge Canada is working with our local partner to provide:

  • food and hygiene kits for 280 older men and women and their households to support their food and hygiene needs for two months,
  • 75 home isolation kits for older people tested COVID-19 positive,
  • transportation for elderly people.

The food and hygiene kits will include wheat flour, pulses, edible oil and spices and hygiene supplies such as masks, sanitizer, and soap.

The home isolation kits will include a pulse oximeter, thermometer, vitamin C and Zinc tablets, masks, sanitizer and a printed guide on COVID (prevention, protection, vaccination information).

HelpAge Canada works in partnership with others to improve and maintain the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their communities in Canada and around the world. We are partnering on this emergency effort for India with HelpAge USA, Age International, HelpAge Korea, HelpAge Germany, Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), and GRAVIS.

Please help us reach our campaign goal.

Orienting on the use of oximeter

Older person being shown how to use the oximeter in his home isolation kit.

Campaign Goal - $12,000

HelpAge response for older persons in India

With an isolation kit
Food and hygeine kits
OP couple receiving food aid
With food and hygeine kit
Another OP couple with food aid

Food, hygiene and isolation kit distribution in Rajasthan.

Community based production and distribution of face masks-3

COVID-19 awareness sessions and mask distribution.

ESHG Member receiving Survival Kit at M. Reddiyapatty Panchayat_crop
ESHG Members with their Survival Kits pack at Shanmugasundarapuram Village_crop
ESHG members waiting for their turn to receive the survival kits pack at Varalotty Village_crop

Survival kit distribution.

Inamreddiyapatty village temp testing of elderly
Two Men
Two Women

Body temperature and oxygen saturation level testing.

Final India_PeoplesVaccine_crop
Vaccination of older people - Photo by HelpAge India_crop

Vaccination centres.

Photos provided by HelpAge India