Francesco Fazzari

I was born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario and I have many interests including the field oncology, sports, cooking, gardening, and lots of eating. I have three living grandparents who have each had a tremendous impact on my life. Before COVID I knew that they struggled with technology but we were always managed. The pandemic has shown me how valuable a program like Seniors Can Connect! can be for them. I am riding for the seniors like them who desire more avenues for social interaction.

I have always had an interest in cycling and was inspired to organize this ride by many of my role models who have organized other charity cycling events. This ride will be a challenge, but something I look forward to. The last time I rode a bike outdoors I was speeding around on a rainy day in Kingston while 10 minutes late to class. I almost ended up head first into a bush, so yes riding the width of Canada is going to be a challenge.