The Elders Harvest

This year, 20 million people will be in need of emergency relief due to the drought that is consuming Kenya and the Horn of Africa. Our longest standing Sponsor A Grandparent partner, JOOT Family Services in Ahero, Kenya recently acquired land to grow crops throughout the year. This will be incredibly impactful in light of the current drought and famine.

JOOT Family Services supports 120 destitute older persons and over 600 elders in the local rural depressed area of Western Kenya. They provide food, medication, funeral services, psycho-social support as well as an elder-led cooperative banking system.

Now that they have land to grow crops and feed their community, they need a tractor to help harvest this land. You can make a donation today to support The Elders Harvest in purchasing a tractor. Every gift helps us get close to our fundraising goal of $18,100.

Make a gift today to help support the Elders Harvest

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