The Elders Harvest

Kenya Tractor Campaign

HelpAge Canada’s longest standing Sponsor A Grandparent Program is with JOOT Family Services in Ahero, Kenya. JOOT is entirely volunteer driven.

Though we sponsor 115 destitute older persons, many of whom are the primary caregivers of their parentless grandchildren,  JOOT stretches to serve over 600 older people in the rural depressed area of Western Kenya. The provide food, medication, funeral services, psycho-social support as well as an elder-led cooperative banking system. This is where elders can save and access credit to pay for their grandchildren’s school fees and buy produce and livestock to sell at the local market.

The community recently acquired a four acre piece of land to grow maize, lentils and other crops to feed the elders and their families.  They have asked for a tractor to till the land for the three annual crops and to use as an income-generator for the program by leasing it to local farmers.

Our campaign goal is to raise $52,000 CAD to equip JOOT with a new Tractor and Disc Plough.

Help the Elders Harvest!

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