Are you looking to leave a legacy that will make a real difference in the lives of those in need?

Consider leaving a charitable bequest in your will. This act of thoughtfulness will improve the lives of vulnerable older people.

A charitable bequest is simply a gift in your will left to a registered charity, such as HelpAge Canada. Bequests can take many forms, including:

  • a net sum
  • securities
  • real estate
  • a set percentage of the value of your estate
  • a residuary gift, namely the money or holdings remaining after other payments, debts, and gifts are taken care of.

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that your gift will help those in need, leaving a bequest offers a number of tax advantages both to your estate and to the beneficiary. A bequest entitles the estate to a charitable gift receipt for its full value, which can significantly reduce the amount of tax payable on your estate.

If you are preparing to amend your will, creating a bequest is a simple matter. Your lawyer or your notary can assist you with the wording in order to ensure that your wishes are successfully carried out.

HelpAge Canada depends on your support to continue its work.