COVID-19 Seniors Can! Emergency Relief

Older people face the highest risk of COVID-19 infection and further isolates them, preventing their participation in community and restricting their access to basic necessities and needed care.

Your donation is directly supporting isolated seniors through delivered meal programs, groceries, hygiene products, personal care and providing safety and support for volunteers and health workers who are tirelessly putting themselves in harm’s way. We are currently working with over 60 agencies across Canada and continue to expand our reach.

A gift as low as $5 can make a difference. Please help.

Time to take care of each other.

Every day we are hearing of more and more amazing stories of people helping people. Volunteers, front line health and social workers stepping forward to help the most vulnerable among us.

Across Canada our partners are actively delivering hot and frozen meals, bags of groceries, food hampers, medications, safety and hygiene kits, and in some cases personal care. Donations are going directly to provide this humanitarian care and providing staff and front line workers with personal safety equipment and sanitization products. We are proud to partner with the following local community agencies:

  • Kerby Centre, Calgary, AB 
  • West End Seniors’ Network, Vancouver BC 
  • Glace Bay Food Bank, NS 
  • Yellowknife Seniors’ Society, NWT 
  • Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre, ON 
  • Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, ON 
  • West Neighbourhood House, Toronto, ON 
  • St Matthew’s House, Hamilton, ON 
  • PAS de La Rue, Montreal, QC 
  • Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre, St Johns NL
  • Seniors Serving Seniors, Victoria, BC 
  • NorWest Co-op Community Health, Winnipeg, MN 
  • Le Centre Almage Communautaire Pour Personnes Agees, Montreal, QC 
  • Buranby Neighbourhood House, Burnaby, BC 
  • Little Mountain Neighbourhood House Society, Vancouver, BC 
  • Saskatoon Service for Seniors, Saskatoon, SK 
  • Spence Neighbourhood Association Inc., Winnipeg, MN 
  • Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre, Winnipeg, MN 
  • Whitevalley Community Resource Centre, Lumby, BC 
  • Marlene Street Community Resource Centre, Winnipeg, MN 
  • Carrefour Montrose, Montreal, QC 
  • Fredericton Meals on Wheels, Fredericton, NB 
  • Twin City 50+ Seniors Club, Labrador City, NL 
  • Schubert Centre, Vernon, BC 
  • Seniors Service Society, New Westminster, BC 
  • SAGE Seniors Association, Edmonton, AB 
  • The Lighthouse Supported Living, Saskatoon, SK 
  • Saskatoon Council on Aging Inc., Saskatoon, SK 
  • The WoodGreen Foundation, Toronto, ON 
  • Jewish Family Services Ottawa, Ottawa, ON 
  • Cornerstone Housing for Women, Ottawa, ON 
  • Life Unlimited for Older Adults, Redlief Centre, Springdale, NL 
  • Innovation Jeunes (Christian Direction Inc.), Montréal, QC 
  • Vision Gaspe Perce Now, QC 
  • CAMI- Magdalen Islands, QC 
  • South Shore Assistance and Referral Centre- Monteregie, QC 
  • Coasters Association- Lower North Shore, QC 
  • CCS- Montreal Centre West, QC 
  • AGAPE- Laval, QC 
  • REISA- Montreal East,QC 
  • Olde Forge Commuity Resource Centre, Ottawa, ON 
  • the Montfort Renaissance and centre de services Guiges, Ottawa, ON 
  • St Croix Wellness and Renewal Centre, St Stephens, NB 
  • Quebec Community Health and Social Services Foundation, Quebec City, QC 
  • Beth Donovan Hospice, Kemptville, ON 
  • Silver Threads Service, Victoria, BC 
  • Seniors Outreach Services Society, Kelowna, BC 
  • Centre d'action bénévole de la Missisquoi Nord (CABMN), QC
  • Sercovie, QC
  • Centre d'action bénévole du Haut-Saint-François, QC
  • Centre d'action bénévole de la MRC de Coaticook, QC
  • Centre d’action bénévole de Windsor et regions, QC
  • Le P’tit Bonheur de Saint-Camille, QC
  • Aide Communautaire de Lennoxville et des environs, QC
  • A & O: Support Services for Older Adults, MN
  • Les Petits Frères, Montréal, QC

We are expanding our partner network across the country, if you are with a charitable agency (or qualified done according to the ITA) and are serving seniors in the COVID-19 crisis, you may apply here.

Please remember all those health care workers and volunteers who are putting themselves in harm’s way caring for seniors through our Seniors Can! Emergency Relief as well as those who are responding elsewhere.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email us and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. We will continue to update you as our program expands and will report on where your offering is going as we receive reports.

Time to take care of each other.

Gregor Sneddon,

We are grateful to our sponsors: