During the Covid-19 crisis, every day we are hearing of more and more amazing stories of people helping people. Volunteers, front line health and social workers stepping forward to help the most vulnerable among us.

We Canadians are so inspired and proud of all who are choosing to help.

Our Covid-19 Emergency Response has adapted to the long term care required to serve isolated Seniors and has become the Seniors Can! Emergency Relief. Seniors Can! is our Canadian program helping low-income seniors with the means to prevent isolation and loneliness and foster healthy, active communities. You can learn more about Seniors Can! here.  These communities are now actively responding to the Covid-19 emergency and HelpAge Canada is standing with them.

We are expanding our partner network across the country. Please remember all those health care workers and volunteers who are putting themselves in harm’s way caring for seniors through our Seniors Can! Emergency relief as well as those who are responding elsewhere.

Canadian Charitable Organizations who are helping seniors and are in need of support in this crisis can learn more about the Seniors Can! Emergency Relief program here.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to email us and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. We will continue to update you as our program expands and will report on where your offering is going as we receive reports.

Let’s take care of each other.


Gregor Sneddon,


Learn more about our International Seniors Emergency Relief program.