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Seniors Can! (Aînés Debout!) is an initiative of HelpAge Canada designed to help low-income seniors across Canada avoid isolation and loneliness and to engage more fully with their communities.

Through the generous support of the Founding Program Partner, HelpAge Canada offers four grant programs. Partner organizations may apply for individual seniors or for programming that serves a population of seniors. Individual seniors may receive up to $2000 in a given year in support of a wholistic approach in providing the senior with equipment and services. Likewise, agencies may receive grants of to operate accessible programming for seniors in their community. Finally, an Emergency Relief Grant is available of up to $2,000 that may be applied for repeatedly in extraordinary circumstances.

Integral to the grant program is our ability to capture and tell these good news stories.

We are growing and it is our vision to be able to offer this program in every community. Our intention is to be present in each province and to build our network community by community. If you are a charitable organization (or an approved Donnee under the ITA) and interested in learning more about the Seniors Can! program and potentially applying to partner with us, please continue.

Thank you for your interest in the Seniors Can! program. We highly value our partnerships and seek to find organizations we can work closely with to address senior isolation and loneliness in a “wholistic” way. The grant program is designed to provide low-income seniors with needed communications and mobility equipment as well as provide well-being support such as transportation, meals, and programming. We also wish to support our agencies in providing innovative and creative programming.We also wish to support organizations who are serving seniors in emergencies, like the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Although we wish we would  be everywhere all at once, we are in a national growth phase and seeking partners through-out Canada according to where the need is greatest. We will be assessing partnership candidates according to local needs and prefer to work with organizations that serve a low-income senior population, demonstrate financial need, and their ability to address a breadth of needs faced by seniors.

Please read the Seniors Can! Program Description (PDF) and if you are interested in applying to be a partner, please complete the online application. Please note that we will be replying to organizations when we are expanding to that organization’s area and we determine fit. If you have questions please feel free to email