Adriano Petrangelo

Born and raised in Montréal (I’m the only Habs fan on this ride, help), my grandparents are some of the most important role models I’ve had. Whether it be by instilling in me a passion for cooking (and unfortunately, eating), by teaching me the importance of dedication to your craft, or by being examples of humility and resilience, they’ve given me skills and values I’ll cherish forever. One of the things I admire most about them and all other seniors is their determination to remain as independent as possible and I believe access to technology plays a huge role in preserving a person’s autonomy. 

Having played baseball for most of my life, I used the occasional bike ride to get over the games where my curveballs weren’t curving, sliders weren’t sliding, and my fastballs were hit to places I wanted to forget about, so this ride will be as challenging as it is refreshing to be biking for a better cause. I’m dedicating my ride to all the elderly feeling lonely and disconnected from their friends and loved ones in this stressful time.