Bearing The Brunt


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Older people are bearing the brunt of COVID-19

Older people are at higher risk of serious illness and their odds of survival are the lowest. Many have lost their livelihoods and can’t buy the food or medicine they need to survive.
The pandemic has also exposed ageism like never before. Older people have been separated and isolated, portrayed as weak and helpless and, their rights have been ignored. This has taken a toll on their health and wellbeing, and older people now risk facing more violence, abuse and neglect than before the pandemic.

Effective solutions require good data

Despite the impact of the pandemic on older people, data issues and gaps continue to exclude older people, and block effective responses and future planning.

A better future for all

The report provides clear recommendations to ensure older people are included in recovery efforts and their rights are respected. It calls on all actors to work together to build a society where everyone lives with dignity, no matter our age.
Download the full report in English.