HelpAge Canada awards $200,000 in Seniors Can! grants


Monday, May 31, 2021

Thanks to the generous support of our Founding Program Partner, HelpAge Canada was able to award a record-setting $200,000 in Seniors Can! grants this month.  

Seniors Can! is an initiative designed to help low-income seniors across Canada avoid isolation and loneliness and engage more fully with their communities. This is achieved through grants that provide seniors with accessibility equipment (such as wheelchairs, walkers, etc.), well-being services (like meals on wheels, medical and other lifeline alert services, etc.), access to innovative social and recreational programming and emergency relief.  


“You cannot qualify what it means for someone to regain independence thanks to a motorized wheelchair, to have their first hot meal in weeks when they could barely afford to eat, or to get access to a social program regularly when they had no companion for months.” 

~ Gregor Sneddon, Executive Director of HelpAge Canada 


The increasingly high number of applications we receive for Seniors Can! grants are proof of the real need for this program nationally. Over the next year, HelpAge Canada will capture and share the impact that Seniors Can! grants have on both an individual and community level. HelpAge Canada will also be focused on growing the program both through donations and by increasing our network of local community partners who are supported by Seniors Can! grants.   

We are especially pleased to be announcing the success of Seniors Can! during National AccessAbility Week. As we age, we are more likely to require the assistance of devices, services and programs that Seniors Can! provides and more likely to be living with a disabilitySeniors Can! grants directly support inclusion and accessibility for older persons in our community. We are proud to play a role through this program in removing barriers to accessibility and inclusion.     

 Please visit the Seniors Can! webpage, follow HelpAge Canada social media, or subscribe to the HelpAge Canada newsletter to learn more about this initiative and to keep up to date on our next call for applications.