Meridian launched the Meridian Donation Match Program with HelpAge Canada.


Thursday, September 10, 2020


Meridian is making a commitment to match up to $250,000 in donations from Directors, employees, Members and the public to two selected not-profit organizations:  HelpAge Canada along with Food4Kids will get up to $125,000 each.

The results of this campaign with Meridian will ensure that HelpAge Canada can continue to provide seniors’ emergency relief. Support to date has focused on ensuring that healthy meals, groceries, personal care, and social support have reached vulnerable seniors during the pandemic. As the COVID-19 emergency continues, HelpAge Canada is focused on keeping isolated seniors connected to their support and loved ones and helping them access needed health care and supplies where initial emergency support may have waned. HelpAge Canada was the first COVID-19 national responder for seniors.


“Organizations providing essential services to the communities in which we live and work that bring relief and help to vulnerable groups, need our support and help now, more than ever. We all have a role to play, and together, we can contribute in a meaningful way and build healthier communities.”
Karen Farbridge, Chair, Meridian


  “More than half a year into a pandemic, many have found ways to adapt or to move on, but not for most of our seniors. Aside from being the highest-risk population in Canada, seniors suffer the continued devastating effects of prolonged isolation and loneliness. Thank you, Meridian, for your support. Your campaign will make a difference in the lives of our most vulnerable Canadians.”
Gregor Sneddon, Executive Director, HelpAge Canada


Every amount counts! Please donate directly here.
Follow the campaign here #DonationMCU


Media Contacts:

Teresa Pagnutti
Gregor Sneddon
HelpAge Canada