Thank you, Jacobs, for choosing HelpAge Canada as your partner charity to support seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Jacobs has initiated an employee match and volunteer campaign across their Canadian offices to support emergency relief to seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partnering with HelpAge Canada, employee donations to the Seniors Can! COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund are being matched by Jacobs. Anyone outside of the organization can donate to the campaign using the same link.

HelpAge Canada is one of several charities being supported by Jacobs’ Global Giving and Volunteering Program – CollectivelySM.


“My name is Melody Molnar and I am a Client Deliverables Manager at Jacobs in Vancouver, BC. I am also the Canada Country Ambassador for our Global Giving and Volunteering Program, CollectivelySM. When I took on the role of leading this impactful program, I knew immediately that finding a charitable organization dedicated to seniors’ care during COVID-19 was essential. Like all Canadians, I have watched in horror the staggering impact COVID-19 has had on our most vulnerable citizens. The need is so great, and the urgency is a bit overwhelming. As such, I researched and thankfully found HelpAge Canada. It has been an honour to work with them to create a Giving and Volunteer Opportunity that I can share with my entire company to make a difference in the lives of isolated seniors who risk severe outcomes if they were to contract COVID-19. I look forward to what we can achieve with this first campaign and to the future where we can help in other efforts. Thank you HelpAge Canada!”

Melody Molnar, Client Deliverables Manager


HelpAge Canada was the first COVID-19 national responder for seniors. Donations directly support isolated seniors through delivered meal programs, groceries, hygiene products, personal care, safety and social support, and through the provision of personal protection for volunteers and health workers who continue to tirelessly serve seniors despite increased risk to themselves.

“Let me say thank you, Jacobs, not only for the important difference that your donations will make for vulnerable seniors in the midst of a global pandemic, but for your support broadly. We share the same values of equality and inclusion. Together we will further a vision of a world in which all older persons will lead secure, healthy, active and dignified lives, especially in Canada.”

Nicole Perry, Director of National Programs