Jacobs helps us mark National Grandparents Day!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Thank you Jacobs for your support and helping us mark National Grandparents Day by sharing these stories…

“The importance of Grandparents has been something I have been aware of as long as I have been alive; I was raised by my Grandparents. My Grandfather, in particular, was a hugely influential presence in my life and his stories, advice, and spirit are with me to this day. He was Icelandic-Canadian and very proud of it. When I was able to go to Iceland, I felt him with me every step of the way. He instilled in me a sense of pride for my heritage and was a keeper of current family stories as well as ancient ones. His teachings of my roots provided me with self-confidence and a sense of belonging in my formative years – this has translated into adulthood. My life is richer for having been raised by my Grandparents. It is so important to be an advocate to ensure older people are able to live healthy, dignified, and safe lives.”

~ Melody, Client Deliverables Solutions
Jacobs – Vancouver, BC


“My Grandad was and will remain a huge influence on the person I am today and strive to be in the future. Despite hardships and war that he faced in his life, he will always be remembered as a happy, high spirited and endlessly caring person. His diverse life experience gave him broad wisdom about so many things. This was evident in his never-ending supply of stories and anecdotes that, aside from being hilarious, always carried with them a lesson or piece of invaluable advice. My life has been shaped in no small part by these stories and lessons and they live on in my family.”

~ Matthew, Buildings, Infrastructure and Advanced Facilities
   Jacobs – Ottawa, ON


Please join Jacobs national campaign here to raise funds for vulnerable Canadian seniors.